Chuck Price
Who we are
Dr Chuck Price - I'm a Assistant Professor in the School of Plant Biology at the University of Western Australia in Perth. I've literally just arrived, so you can contact me if need be via my Georgia Tech email, charles.price (at)

I designed, wrote the code for and implemented the LEAF GUI software while a postdoctoral fellow in the Weitz lab, School of biology at Georgia Institute of Technology. I received my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (not programming) from the University of Arizona.

I'm primarily interested in understanding the evolutionary and ecological forces responsible for generating and maintaining organic form, function and diversity, primarily in plants.

To learn more about me, including a full publication list and CV, visit my website.

Dr Yuriy Mileyko  is an Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University. He is interested in developing topological and geometric tools for problems in science and engineering. Among other things, he is currently working on developing topological and geometric descriptors for physical networks, which include leaf
venation networks as well as plant roots. For more information, check out Yuriy's website:
Dr Olga Symonova  is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech. She helped write some of the LEAF GUI code. Currently she is working on the analysis of the shape and growth profiles of roots of rice. It is a part of the NSF project which attempts to understand the genetic basis of root traits. Check Olga's website to learn more about her activities.
Olga Symonova


Dr Joshua Weitz
Yuriy Mileyko
Dr Joshua Weitz is an Assistant Professor of Biology and Physics and a quantitative biologist interested in understanding the structure and dynamics of complex biological systems.  The Weitz research group includes ecologists, mathematicians, physicists and bioinformaticians currently working on four major research themes: (i) viral dynamics at the molecular, population and evolutionary scales, (ii) structure and function of plant vascular networks, (iii) quantitative systems biology and bioinformatics, (iv) quantitative models of disease dynamics.