Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cite LEAF GUI?

Please cite as: Price, C.A., O. Symonova, Y. Mileyko, T. Hilley and J.S. Weitz

Leaf Extraction and Analysis Framework Graphical User Interface:

Segmenting and Analyzing the Structure of Leaf Veins and Areoles.

Plant Physiology, 155 (236-245).

Is LEAF GUI free?

Yes, LEAF GUI is free for academic use. For the specific legal stuff, see the license

on the download page. Please contact us if you would like to use the software for

commercial use. 

What types of images work best in LEAF GUI?

TIF's, GIFs, JPEG's, BMP's, PNG's, the only recommendation is the that the

resolution be good enough to see minor veins, and their be good contrast

between veins and the background.

Who can use LEAF GUI?

Anybody. You don't need any programming or image analysis experience.

It designed to be simple and user friendly.

Can I collaborate with you on a project?

Potentially, perhaps check out the "Who We Are" page to learn more about our research interests.

I've got noise in my images outside of the leaves, is that ok?

No problem, LEAF GUI has a number of cropping and image cleaning tools and tricks to allow you to get good results.

Do you plan to release future versions of LEAF GUI?

No. LEAF GUI is no longer under active development. Thank you for your understanding.

Why do some of the functions take so long?

The time it takes to complete different processes depends primarily on the image resolution (pixels/area), size of the leaf, and its vein density. Some of the algorithms, in particular, the Vein Stats, Areole Stats, and Prune algorithms have may need to perform hundreds of thousands of calculations, which can take several minutes to complete. While we are always working to improve the performance of the software, some of this is unavoidable, so patience is advised.